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About Us

About Company

At TERRALLANA NATURAL we produce and market organic garlic in all its varieties. The idea of setting up a company specialised in organic products arose by wishing to differentiate it from conventional activities, and we have been in the organic business for more than 30 years. TERRALLANA NATURAL was established with the main objective of providing consumers with a high quality natural product. We aim at a combination of natural, traditional and organic flavours under the strictest quality control both of our products and our systems. We have the very best professional workforce and an agreeable working atmosphere committed to the environment.


Tradicional and Organic

CAAE Certification Service provides services for the entire range of products included in the EU regulations on organic production.

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The use of the logo and correct labelling is obligatory for all organic pre-packaged food produced within the European Union.

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Putting Food Safety

The EUREPGAP standards helped producers comply with Europe-wide accepted criteria for food safety.

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Comercial Department
Contact person: Maria Moreno
Telephone: +34 925 564 315
PO Box:41
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