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Terrallana Natural was born with the main aim of offering the consumer a high-quality natural product. We attempt to create a combination of natural, traditional and organic flavours under the strictest quality control of both products and systems.

The idea of setting up a company specialized in organic products arose to take a step beyond the conventional agriculture to which we had dedicated ourselves for more than 50 years. It was then that we created Terrallana Natural in order to invest in sustainability, trying to do our bit in the task of reducing the environmental impact of conventional agriculture, promoting biodiversity and practicing extensive agriculture as far as possible.

We have been in the organic and export business for more than 20 years. Thus, taking our products to countries such as the United Kingdom, France, Switzerland, United States and so on.

Terrallana Natural


Terrallana Natural

We are a family company; love and empathy are breathed, our employees are highly professional and they work in a good work atmosphere. Consequently, this implies an excellent human work that is reflected in every little detail.

Somos muy meticulosos en cuanto al manipulado del producto para que no haya ninguna alteración en la cadena alimentaria y ecológica.

Nuestro equipo está muy concienciado con el medio ambiente y la ecología tanto en la siembra y procesado, como en las labores de comercialización.


C/ Grande, 25
45800 Quintanar de la Orden
Toledo - Spain
PO Box: 41
+ 34 925 564 315
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Quintanar de la Orden


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