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Our interest in black garlic arose during a trip to Japan. It was through some Japanese partners that we discovered it and that encouraged us to produce them.
The black garlic that we produce comes from China and today it is already cultivated in Spain due to its numerous health benefits.
It is born from a garlic fermentation process. Fermentation is obtained by controlling temperature and constant humidity for a long period of time. Then, they oxidize for another period of time. It is in this process when the garlic begins to change its appearance and colour until it becomes a black garlic. This whole process does not involve any additives, therefore its mutation is totally natural.
At first glance it may look like a common garlic but it is inside where the differences are noticeable. It is characterized by its jet black colour and its soft and creamy texture. This makes it perfect for spreading and cooking. In addition, its aroma is not as strong as that of white garlic. Its characteristic black colour is due to the transformation of amino acids and sugars by the high temperatures during fermentation.
Familia productos Ajo Negro Terrallana Natural

Our products

  • Ajo negro en cabezas

    Heads in Bulk

    Product made with natural fresh garlic. Without additives.

    Flavor: Fruity
    Taste: Sweet. Hints of licorice, prunes.

  • Cabezas de ajo negro en bolsitas

    Heads in Bags

    Product made with natural fresh garlic. Without additives.

    Zip lock bag with two heads of black garlic.
    Approx. net weight: 160-180 grs.

  • Caviar de ajo negro con miel.

    Black Garlic Caviar with Honey

    Product made with natural fresh garlic. Without additives.

    Glass pot.
    Approx. net weight: 75 grs.

  • Miel con ajo negro

    Jar of Honey with Black Garlic

    Product made with 100% natural honey and black garlic. Without additives.

    Glass pot.
    Net weight: 230 grs.

  • Tarrinas con dientes pelados

    Jars with Peeled Cloves

    Product made with natural fresh garlic. Without additives.

    PP pot.
    Flavor: Sweet.
    Hints of licorice, prunes.
    Approx. net weight: 60 grs.

  • Caviar de ajo negro.

    Black Garlic Caviar

    Product made with natural fresh garlic. Without additives.

    Glass pot.
    Approx. net weight: 65 grs.


    The taste of black garlic is much softer and sweeter than white garlic, it also smells much less and therefore bad breath vanishes. It is easier to digest and does not leave an aftertaste.
    Despite its dark colour, unlike the typical yellowish or white colour, its texture is gelatinous and soft instead of hard. In addition, its aroma and flavour are very pleasant in the mouth.
    Black garlic has a higher concentration of beneficial properties for our health compared to common garlic. Thus, medicinal components such as thiosulfinates, polyphenols (antioxidants) and linolenic acid are present in higher concentrations up to ten times higher in comparison.

    benefits of black garlic

    • It is totally natural
    • Regulates blood pressure and prevents hypertension
    • Helps with respiratory problems such as asthma
    • Regulates blood sugar and helps prevent diabetes
    • Accelerates wound healing
    • Has an energizing effect
    • Strengthens bones
    • Combats stress and depression
    • Lowers bad cholesterol and triglycerides
    • Its high vitamin C and antioxidant content helps delay cellular aging
    • Regulates intestinal transit
    • It`s diuretic
    Beneficios Ajo Negro


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